Dr.Svetlana Verhoeven-Iliazova
Др. Светлана Верхувен-Ильязова
Stefanou Granitsa 7, Frinda Court 8 - Off. 201
3096 Limassol
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At Esthétique Dr. Svetlana Iliazova-Verhoeven provides a range of aesthetic medical treatments focusing on:

  • Restoring lost volumes, correcting asymmetries and accentuating attractive facial features
  • Removing lines, wrinkles and folds and adjusting imperfect facial ratios
  • Effective lifting of sagging skin in mandible, cheek and malar area, neck and eyebrows
  • Effective skin rejuvenation of face, neck, décolleté, lips, hands and other parts of the body


  1. Dysport (Botox)
  2. Restylane Fillers
  3. Restylane Skinboosters
  4. Sunekos Extra-Cellular Matrix Bioregeneration
  5. Profhilo Bio-Remodeling
  6. Silhouette Suspending Threads with bi-directional cones
  7. Prostrolane-B Peptide Technology
  8. Chemical Peels BioRePeelCl3
  9. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
  10. Feminine Rejuvenation
  11. Hair Care: PRP



Doctor Svetlana Iliazova Verhoeven obtained her medical degree with distinction as an ophthalmologic surgeon at the Irkutsk State Medical University in 1988 and took up employment immediately in the Ophthalmologic Surgery Department of the University State Hospital in Irkutsk.  In 1990 she specialized at the Helmholz Scientific Research Institute of Eye Diseases in Moscow in paediatric ophthalmology.  Later, in 1992, she successfully opened her own private practice in Irkutsk. In 1997 she accepted an invitation from the Paediatric Ophthalmology Clinic in West Palm Beach to participate in a specific scientific project which made it necessary to move temporarily to the USA.

In 2004 she changed her focus to Aesthetic Medicine. She dedicated three years to studying this (at the time) rather new medical discipline and she attended countless specialisation courses and training sessions in France, Italy and Sweden.  By the end of 2007 she opened Esthétique in Limassol, the first clinic in Cyprus providing only non-invasive medical aesthetic procedures.


Languages Spoken

English, Russian